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Swing dancers, performers, choreographers, and teachers based in Barcelona. They develop techniques and exercises to evolve dancing in Swing rhythm. Sonia and Hector explore solo, partner dance, and team choreographies. As Jazz dancers, they respect the most important thing: the Swing -the core in Jazz music-.


From Jazz Trios to Big Bands, Sonia and Hector find a connection with the musicians. Jazz music is simple and complex so they create dynamics to express this simplicity and complexity through their dance. Do you want to watch some videos?


Exploration makes us humans. Sonia and Hector in their classes want people to explore Jazz music through the dance. They develop exercises that involve different aspects like quality of movement, rhythm, and self-expression.

Learning from the students in each class is also very important, so they want students to solve movement and rhythm exercises for themselves. It helps to create a good atmosphere in the classes and a better teacher-student relationship.

A workshop that works for Sonia and Hector as teachers could be the Weekend Classes.


Choreography is an opportunity to express yourself through movement, space, and rhythm. It is also an opportunity to share your personal movements with different dancers.

If you are interested, check some swing choreographies in the next post: choreographies.


Lindy Hop is a dance that belongs to Jazz culture. Swing is the rhythm -the core- in Lindy Hop dance. Sonia and Hector like to share their passion for Jazz culture, respecting and honoring Jazz and Lindy hop legends.

If you are in Barcelona and you want to take a class with Sonia and Hector check out their local classes.

For a private class, you can email them at


Sonia and Hector are professional dancers based on Jazz music -swing rhythm-. Lindy Hop is the dance in which they can openly evolve all techniques that they have learned through all their life. Argentinian tango, Latin rhythms, Classical Dance, and Contemporary dance are important disciplines that take part in their learning of the dance.


Sonia and Hector live in Barcelona and you can email them at