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Lindy Hop Weekend Classes

Mood for Swing - Tokyo

The photo was taken in Mood For Swing 2019, Tokyo.

On a Weekend with Sonia and Hector, you will find material to keep evolving as a Jazz dancer. The idea is to learn exercises and movements to help understand partner dance and solo dance for Jazz music.

There are multilevel classes thought for beginners and experienced dancers altogether. But also, there are some classes that require experience to attend. For example, some movements on the weekend are easier to learn if you know the classic Lindy Hop moves.


The core for Sonia and Hector as partner dancers is the Lindy Hop. They like to share classic moves from some of the swing masters like Al Minns, Leon James, Norma Miller, and Frankie Manning.


They use different techniques inspired by different partner dances like Argentinian Tango or Cuban Salsa to add more movements into their Lindy Hop. The idea is to share movements that respect the two people involved in the partner relationship keeping in mind the swing rhythm. This concept brings an open perspective for partner dances, focusing on those movements that can be danceable in a “social” dance.


Sonia and Hector like to schedule weekend classes to help the dancer in the learning process. In order to have more class hours, they have some multilevel classes. Multilevel classes can challenge everybody, beginners and experienced dancers, through exercises to improve in Swing rhythms and body movement. Here is an example of a schedule that works:


10h to 13h – Multilevel class (Jazz Solo, Lindy Hop, Partner dance exercises, etc.)

14h to 15:30h – Lindy Hop Advanced class

15:45h to 17:15h – Lindy Hop Beginner/Intermediated class


10h to 13h – Multilevel class (Jazz Solo, Lindy Hop)

With this schedule, the student will have almost 8 hours with no long breaks in the middle. Resting is good and important to be able to be ready for dancing!


Sonia and Hector love to create a good atmosphere in classes that helps students to learn easier.

The photo was taken for a Swingmaneje event, in Murcia.


Sonia and Hector live in Barcelona and you can email them at


How many students can participate in an SH Weekend? From 20 to 100 as a maximum.

Is there Solo Jazz in the classes? Yes, they consider Solo Jazz very important to learn Lindy Hop properly.

Why a multilevel class? Because we like people dancing more hours, we love people sharing knowledge between them, and because Sonia and Hector can manage groups with different levels in the same class.

A multilevel class, will it be boring if I have a higher level? Sonia and Hector are developing exercises adaptable to each level. The same exercise works differently depending on each person. If you are an experienced dancer for sure you will find your challenge in this class. There are also some level classes on the weekend where they focus more on the Lindy Hop.