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Jazz | Swing Choreographies

SH Performers ballarins bailarines Bordeaux

Hector and Sonia like to create organic choreographies with movements around the space that matches with Jazz music. Each choreography wants to convey feelings that depend on the choreography itself and also on the dancers. Sonia and Hector explore Jazz music to draw with movement the song’s dynamics. Here are some examples:


This choreography was made in Taipei, Taiwan, for the Big Apple team. The Jazz song is Ydeen-O from Illinois Jacquet. “We chose this song because we love the energy that Illinois Jacquet plays with his tenor Saxophone” – Hector says.

The choreography plays with the blues structure and with the dynamics of the song. For example, more movement in the Illinois Solo, with Lindy Hop Kicks & Tricks and something more subtle for the piano solo. Taipei dancers are very disciplined and very quickly they understood all the movement ideas. They learned the whole choreography in 5 days, and there are just a few professional dancers on the team.


The next choreography was made by Sonia and Hector in Bangkok, Thailand. “One unit”-the Teacher’s team From Bangkok- performed it at Diga Diga Doo festival 2019. The Song is called “Roll’em” by Andy Kirk. It’s quite a fast song with Woogie Boogie parts. Dancers from Bangkok have a contagious smile and the choreography has some funny moments to match with their energy.


Also for the Big Apple team in Taiwan but working from Barcelona, Sonia and Hector made the next choreography during the pandemic. “It was an interesting work, to manage all the people’s movements from the computer (dancers were in Taipei and Hector and Sonia in Barcelona)”- says Sonia. Big Apple Team worked very well and they made it possible.

The chosen song was “Comes the Don” by Don Byas. Sonia and Hector wanted to use this song because of the dynamics and also as a tribute to Don Byas. The tenor Saxophone was living in Barcelona in the 40s and he inspired many Catalan Jazz musicians.

Are you interested in performing a SH choreography?

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