How do we teach Lindy Hop?

Embrace your partner
In order to understand each other when partner dancing we need to have a good way to communicate since each action is built together. In our classes we develop different types of connection using the "embrace" idea.
Enjoy dancing Lindy Hop
We focus on having fun when social dancing. The purpose of the shapes we teach is not only having cool moves but to let leaders and followers enjoy swing music.
Listen to Jazz Music
This kind of music is the reason why we dance Lindy Hop. In our classes we love to play different styles of jazz music to broaden our students knowledge.

Lindy Hop classes

SWINGCATS 2016 (Barcelona)

We dance and enjoy the tricks in tempos over 200BPM
Music | Illinois Jacquet
Jazz Song | Illinois Flies Again

SWINGCATS 2016 (Barcelona)

Advanced Lindy Hop class, we were working on Tandem shape.
Music | The HOP sh BAM connection
Jazz Standard Song | Honeysuckle Rose

HARBOUR HOP 2016 (Rotterdam)

Being the smoothest as possible allows you to dance with intensity changes creating more dynamics as the swing music does.
Music | Nat King cole
Jazz Song | Dream a little dream of me

SEVEN HILLS 2015 (Sheffield)

Lindy Hop is built with actions that are made together. We don't think in big movements, we dance the Lindy Hop by building little actions and feeling ourselves free when there are not actions. A lot of actions can become stressful for our partner.
Music | Lester Young
Jazz Song | Don't be that way

MOVE YOUR BOTTOM 2015 (Valencia)

Everything is possible in Lindy Hop. If we are with the music we can try new movements together. Something like a Rock Step but it's not a Rock Step....
Music | Ben Webster
Jazz Song | Late Date

BAILONGU 2015 (Barcelona)

Lindy hop Sugar Push variation. We worked on the "sugar push" connection, at the end we love twisting the hips to provoke the follower's turn. Feeling the Jazz Rhythm all the time is the most important point.
Music | Billie Holiday
Jazz Song | Without your love


In this class we focused on Lindy Hop Connection. This movement was made to work on how the leader can change the follower's rhythm by doing a Rock-step at any moment. It's also important to use a good embrace with your hands in order to create syncopated rhythms. Listening to Jazz music and going into the groove is the key to succeed.
Music | Duke Ellington
Jazz Song | Squeeze Me

SWINGCATS 2013 (Barcelona)

This video was filmed and produced by Guillem Roma as a resume to remember some of the Lindy Hop movements taught during our 2013 classes.
Music | Rose Murphy
Jazz Song | I can't give you anything but love