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A weekend where you will learn and develop techniques to dance Jazz Solo, Duo and Trio.


We will work with some classic Jazz moves, like Charleston, Suzie Q, etc. Therefore, you need to feel familiar with them.

In case you don’t know them, but you dance other styles regularly, as Urban dance, Contemporary, Tap dance, Classical dance, etc. You can feel comfortable with this workshop’s content as well. So, the only requirement we ask for is wanting to dance and learn.


There are three options to choose from for the weekend’s classes:
MOVEMENT (mornings)
RHYTHM (afternoons)
MOVEMENT + RHYTHM (mornings & afternoons) where you will get to do everything, 12 hours of dancing.

The content will be divided into two blocks for each class: ELEMENTS and COMPOSITIONS. This way, all participants will work on both blocks, whatever schedule they picked.

ELEMENTS is to develop movements and rhythms to add to our dancing. Improvisation games and short routines will be taught in order to facilitate the learning process of these elements.

COMPOSITIONS is based on the elements learned previously to create choreographies and relate them to the space. We will also work on developing the relationship with the other dancers to create duos and trios.

Schedule and Prices


SATURDAY 10h-13h
SUNDAY 10h-13h



SATURDAY 15h-18h
SUNDAY 15h-18h



SATURDAY 10h-13h + 15h-18h
SUNDAY 10h-13h + 15h-18h



About us

Jazz Messengers is a dance company that focuses on Jazz music. It was born in 2017 as a response to seeking ways of expression and exploration while dancing to this style of music. Some examples would be the need to get closer to the musical compositions through different stage formations, or using rhythmical games to respond to the music. Each member brings their own essence to the dance individually, but the three of us together, we work as one unit both, in class and on stage. 

Our main goal while dancing is to achieve a dynamism, with its own natural flow, adaptable to the song we are dancing, through our rhythmical movement. The main source of inspiration we use is Jazz musicians. The formations they use when playing together, the relation they establish between each instrument, and how to reflect it affect our dancing. Studying Jazz music, we develop the tools we need to create a closer relationship between our dance and the music we listen to.