Sonia and Hector are professional dancers based on Jazz music. Lindy Hop is the dance in which they can openly evolve all techniques that they have learned through all their life. Argentinian tango, latin rhythms, classical dance and contemporary dance are important disciplines that take part in their learning of the dance.

Partner dancing is a language that they treat carefully, developing new ways of expression with respect and dedication. They critique certain attitudes that may disrespect whichever role in the partner dance and so, they are open to new enrichment expressions of their personal way to understand partner dancing.

Lindy Hop is the dance where one can achieve continuous development. Swing rhythm is attractive. Jazz culture inspires and serves as the engine for Hector and Sonia on their constant learning process.

Main achievements

1st Position in the Snowball’s Strictly Lindy Hop, Stockholm.

2nd Position in the Savoy Cup Pro Couple Routine, Montpellier.

3rd Position in the Classic division in the ILHC, International Lindy Hop Championship, Washington.


Swing Maneje Festival 2019, Murcia.

Lindylicious 2019, Paris.

Jazz Messengers Project

Together with Claudia Fonte, We started a project in 2017, to spread our love for the Jazz music and the Jazz dance.
Inspired by Art Blakey’s Messengers, We wanted to do something similar to The Jazz Messengers in the music but in the dance.

Jazz Messengers at the Chase Festival in Heidelberg.

Jazz Messengers at the Savoy Cup in Montpellier.

Jazz Messengers at the JATS Swing Festival 2020 in Brighton.

Next Events

There are no upcoming events.


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